Principal Message

Information plays a vital role in the modern world. Now,we are dependent  on the internet. Gol-E-Afroz Govt. College is trying to give a brief account of essential data through our website for all.

Gol-E-Afroz Govt.College is situated in the heart of Chalan Beel ,Singra,Natore . The scenary of this college campus is very charming. There are a flower garden,various kinds of evergreen trees etc.There are also a big pond in the college area.Total college campus is neat and clean. Above all, it is a green and clean campus.   About three thousand and five hundred students of Art,Science and Business studies group of Intermediate and Degree pass (BA,BBS,BSS) and Hounours (Bangla,Political Science,Accounting,Management ) level are studying here.About thirty one teachers are engaged here for teaching the students. We have Sheikh Rasel Digital Computer Lab and students can acquire computer related practical knowledge and skills from this lab .The whole campus is under free Wi-Fi coverage. So,Students can get education related information easily.There is also a large, enriched and well-decorated library. Many students read newspapers, academic and non-academic books, magazines etc. in the library. There is also a collection of rare books in the library. So,students can make hand-notes by taking help from those books. A two- storied mosque is also situated in the campus.

Our main objective is making enlightened human beings to lead the nation in future.At the national level,many eminent personalities have studied in this college.We create human resources and they are working various sectors at national and international level in Bangladesh.

The whole nation is committed to building “Digital Bangladesh”. The Gol-E-Afroz Govt.College is also an indispensibe part of it. I wish our stakeholders would visit our website and they will be benefited and that will be our success of earnest endeavors.


Gol-E-Afroz Govt. College,Singra,Natore.